sorel loum / apple music concept 2017


This is a free project, which I created just for fun. It's an approach to improve the usability of the iTunes desktop app which got worse and worse with every new feature, especially with the integration of Apple Music.

my roles

  • Concept
  • Visualization
  • Prototyping


  • Sketch
  • Framer

First, I have simplified the navigation structure. The menu items are on one level instead of being subordinated to the categories For me, Discover and Radio.

The slim sidebar allows permanent access to the elementary functions. Also, the player is integrated into this bar. That saves a lot of space for the essential content, the music. By hovering the user gets access to extended control options.

The presentation of titles, albums or playlists can be adapted to individual needs by useful filters and sorting options.

A more detailed project presentation can be found on hance.