sorel loum / cineshift 2016


Cineshift is a study work, which was created in the third semester. It's an experimental web interface for discovering new movies. Cineshift allows its users to search via alternative parameters which are based on the movies data and not on the ratings of other users or curators.

my roles

  • Concept
  • Visual Design
  • Coding

team members


Services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video provides a huge range of movies. Typically we watch the movies which are recommended by other people or the service itself. Latter recommendations also based on the movies we watched before. So it is difficult to find completely new movies which maybe fits better to our taste..


With Cineshift, users can actively search and filter movies by alternative parameters which allow concrete conclusions to the type of movies. In this way, completely new films can be found that may fits to the personal tastes. The parameters can be automatically extracted from the movie's footage and metadata.

parameters in detail

Epoch means the time in which the movie plays. By manipulating this parameter the user can decide if he wanna watch a sword-and-sandal or a science-fiction.

Talks means the frequency of spoken text and the number of dialogs. This parameter can say a lot about the dynamic of the movie.

Cuts means the number of cuts per time unit. Many cuts suggest a hectic and action-packed movie.

Look is a mixture of brightness and saturation. For example, the user can select colorful, friendly movies or dark colored low saturated horror movies.

Budget often says something about the effect density or the celebrity cast. So the user can decide if he wanna see high-end Hollywood productions or cult trash films.