sorel loum / zwing 2016


Zwing is a study work, which was created in the third semester. It's a wearable device, which forces its users to be on time. The device is combined with a smartphone application for iOS devices.

my roles

  • Concept
  • App Development
  • App Design

Today's world is dominated by appointments and deadlines. Every day we have to be in certain places at certain times. The motivation for this punctuality is not always easy for many people.

Zwing frees us from the burden of self-motivation and simply forces us to be on time.

The project includes a bracelet with a Bluetooth module and a smartphone application. The application is connected to the native iOS calendar and compares the address data of appointments with the current GPS location of the user. If the user is not at the correct location at the beginning of an appointment, he will be punished every two minutes by his bracelet. Metal plates on the inside of the bracelet transmit an electric shock directly to its user's arm. The user is "shocked" until he has reached his destination.